Alum Boat Designs


Visit the design Gallery and look through some of the designs and get a feel for the type of boat you might like to build, have built or own. The designs in the gallery are security locked to “VIEW ONLY”, but if would like to see more, feel free to contact us and we will arrange more information. If you like a design and feel you would like it built, we can put you in contact with someone that will turn your dream into reality.

  1. Flat Pack Price List (2011)
  2. 5.7m Sabre-Gill (Walk Around Cabin)
  3. 5.7m Sabre-Gill (Center Console) DIY kit
  4. 5.7m Sabre-Gill (Runabout)
  5. 6.5m Baillons Dart DIY kit
  6. 6.5m Harlequin Sweet Lips (Hard Top Runabout)
  7. 6.5m Baillons Dart (Runabout) – New & Coming in Early 2011
  8. 5.46M Crescent Bass(V-NOSE PUNT) DIY kit
  9. 4.63M Helmeted Blenny (V-NOSE PUNT) DIY kit
  10. 6.1m Rainbow Runner DIY kit
  11. 8.5m Skip-Jack DIY Kit
  12. D7-WP1- Work Punt DIY kit
  13. 4.36m Helmeted Blenny
  14. 7.6m Mahi Mahi-T1 (Hard Top Runabout)
  15. 7.6m Mahi Mahi T2 (Hard Top Runabout)