7.6m Mahi Mahi T2 (Hard Top Runabout)

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This is a serious boat at 7.6 metres long and 2.34 metres wide, a sea boat designed for the toughest conditions.

This boat has been designed to take you a long way and you can even set it up to stay on it.

This is a reverse chine design, while still using the DBA chine section to make the chine smoother and help curl the water back down. This boat has an extra additional stringer on the inner chine to hull connection, so that you are not relying on weld strength for the seem, both panels are pushing against a stringer.

The Mahi Mahi (T2)with a single 200hp motor and 200 litres of fuel will take you where you want to go quickly and safely.

The 7.6m Mahi Mahi includes a large kill tank that drains directly out through the pod and a sealed self draining deck. For the swimmer or diver, the Mahi Mahi comes with a transom door and a nice flat area across the whole back of the pod.

If you would like a 7.6m Mahi Mahi and don’t feel confident of building it, one of our licensed agents will manufacture this boat for you. For more information on the flat pack, Feel free to contact us.

For more details contact -ยท peter@designerboats.com.au