The frequently asked questions gallery is an opportunity to visit and ask a question or view previous questions and answers. In the frequently asked questions gallery the naval architect has been responding and answering questions relating to Flat Packs and the building of Designer Boats Australia’s aluminum boats.

If you would like to ask Peter a question, please feel free to e-mail him your question and he will endeavor to answer it as soon as possible. If you need more detailed advice relating to one of flat packs or boats, please contact us directly.

Do I need a cradle for building the boat?

Yes a cradle is useful in the building, it holds the boat nicely and helps it retain its shape and stops the risk of banana. A good idea is to buy the trailer with the kit and then use it as the build cradle when it is turned upright for the last time.

Can I purchase a trailer from you?

Yes you can buy a trailer from us. We sell Dunbier’s trailers to people buying flat packs. If you are near the cutters, I suggest that the money you would pay for transport, you put into the trailer.

Can I put an access hatch in the front cabin or bonnet?

In most cases it’s a matter of just cutting it in and adjusting the structure around it a little. It is best to run your plan past the DBA, so it can be checked that it doesn’t upset the structural integrity of the area. DBA may come back and suggest adding a extra piece of structure.

Are these boats available in a runabout design, centre cab etc?

Yes there are other versions available, when you change the configuration the boat has to be reviewed and the weight estimate and trim calculations need to be redone. Configuration changes are treated like a new design and take a whole new number.

Can you do it quicker?

Under special circumstance we sometimes can reduce the time down to a couple of days. This is controlled by the amount of work the cutters have on.

What is the dispatch time frame ex works?

DBA’s cutting agents are normally delivering in about 10 working days.

Do you have a fabrication Plan to follow?

Yes you just follow the 6 page welding schedule in the back of the construction manual.

If I buy an Exclusive design, can I have input?

If I buy an exclusive design, can I customise it to what I want?
Yes you can, as the boat is being designed for your requirements. If the design is very special, then this can increase the time and costing of your exclusive design.

Can I just Buy Plans?

You cannot buy plans only or cutting files for the existing designs on this website.
If you would like to buy a full set of plans or cutting files, then you will have to pay for a complete new design, where you get a full set of engineering drawings and cutting files. Ask the Naval Architect for a quote on an exclusive design price. An example is a 6.5m hard top runabout is approx $10,000 plus GST.

What do I do about Targa bars, storage boxes, seat boxes, ladders, and transom brackets?

DBA has got many drawings for these items, so DBA offers the flat pack buyer the opportunity to look through the drawings and choose what they want, free of charge. If you want something different, send through your sketches and DBA will engineer and send you the drawings. DBA will add the drawings and design into its library for future customers.

Why are Targa bars, storage boxes, seat boxes, ladders, and transom brackets not in the kit?

Targa bars, storage boxes, seat boxes, ladders, and transom brackets are personal choice items, if we supplied them, people would want different ones.

What is included in the Kit?

All the cut sheet , extrusions and information to build the boat, except for Targa bars, storage boxes, seat boxes, ladders, transom brackets.