Alum Custom Boat Packages

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Visit this gallery and look through packages and boats that Designer Boats Australia will build for you.

The boat packages shown in this gallery are built to order and you can get that fit up or set out that you want. As the boats are built to suit your requirements, you can make slight alterations or get that minor modification that other boat builders are not interested in talking to you about.

With one of our custom boat package, you can choose your colour, the type of engine, type of trailer, and finishes you want

You can also tell us where to stop. “Yes”, you are reading correctly, some people have old or damaged hulls that they want to move their existing engines, steering and equipment across to. Other people want to save money and do things themself, buy a second hand engine for or just set up the boat themselves.

The idea is you tell us where you want us to stop and you can finish it off yourself. You can stop us as early as the hull put together, fuel tank sealed & tested and the floor welded in. You with a mate could finish the rest of the boat off yourselves.

DBA can help you choose the boat you want and we are more than happy to explore options with you.

The Boat packages in this gallery are basic packages, you can ask us to add or remove things from the package and we will supply you with a quote.

What a way to get on the water in a commercial grade boat with the set-up you want “WOW”.

  1. 6.5m Harlequin Sweet Lips Package
  2. 5.7m Sabre Gill (Runabout)