5.7m Sabre-Gill (Walk Around Cabin)

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This boat has been designed for the fisherman that wants a good strong boat to fish either estuary or ocean. It has a strong sharp bow entry, flattening out to a 14 degree dead rise. So it skims off the surface without digging down, but it will cut through waves & chop very nicely.

The sides are 700mm high and it comes with a self draining deck that drains through two scuppers in the transom wall. The cabin has been pushed as wide as possible to get two people seated comfortably, but still have enough room to walk between the seats

The floor is checker plate, (that can be carpeted if you wish) and there is dry storage in under the forward cabin seat box. The transom has been designed for an optional live bait tank and a locker to house the battery. This boat comes standard with in floor kill tank and a 100 litre fuel tank, contained in its own tank compartment.

f you would like a Sabre-Gill and don’t feel confident of building it, one of our licensed agents will manufacture this boat for you. For more information or a list of materials in the flat pack, Feel free to contact us.

For more details contact –  peter@designerboats.com.au