6.1m Rainbow Runner DIY kit

View Information Drawings D58-T2 (pdf)


This is a fantastic boat designed for Sussex Inlet’s bar crossing. It has a sleek sharp bow entry, flattening out to a 14 degree dead rise. So it skims off the surface without digging down, but cuts through waves & chop very well.

It is designed for the family man who wants to go fishing or diving. Extra Seats & storage box drawings are sold as an option and the floor can be carpeted. The transom was designed for an after market live bait tank and burley muncher.

If you would like a Rainbow Runner and don’t feel confident of building it, , one of our licensed agents will more than happy to manufacture this boat for. For more information or a list of materials in the flat pack, Feel free to contact us.

For more details contact -ยท peter@designerboats.com.au