5.7m Sabre-Gill (Runabout) Photos

View the layout of the Sabre-Gill (Runabout) built by Peter Booth in his garage.

Just imagine it went from this


to that


The pride and self-satisfaction at the launch is really great

This boat sits well in the water with its 14 degree dead rise. When you slip the boat into neutral, it just glides through the water beautifully and effortlessly.


This boat just gets out of the hole and goes with the 115Hp E-tec. With the 115Hp E-tec fuel usage is very small and with the 110 litr fuel tank, it will go a long way.


There is plenty of room in the stern to manoeuvre. Peter modified his flat pack so he could install a lounge seat across the rear

Peter has been scuba diving for many years and he has set the boat up with a two handrail entry and a transom door to get swimmers or divers on board easily in any sea condition

If you would like more high resolution photos or information, please contact me and I will e-mail to you.

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